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210 super 1650 MANXCO
$25,000 — Pick Up Wauchope NSW

For Sale
210 super 1650 MANXCO

Power pack
Toyota 1600 small port 100kw (Worked) Ported head, over size pistons, large cam , lightened flywheel , gen 3 coil packs , Tuned extractors Speed flow fittings through out the car
Link G4 storm computer all new wiring through the hole car

Drive train
Fresh 2ltr gear box with a full set of close ratio Albins gear set + super diff + Albins crown wheel-Pinion +new nose cone +oil pump/cooler (weddle) all the mods & cons all serviced and done by Racetrans, 930 race cv’s 300m axles

Fox triple bypass 2.5 x 14’ on the rear with 27mm torsion bars (Sway-A-way) with secondary Leyland marina torsion bars (Altogether A really good package)
Fox triple bypass 2 x 10’ on the front with fox coil over

Water – Aluminum 3 core Radiator TWIN fan progressive fans (2 temp settings)
Engine – 13-row oil cooler
Gear box – Water heat exchanger with a weddle electric pump

Kawasaki 4 spot (front)
Reno (rear)
Braided break lines trough the hole car

Saco Rack –S/N 1497 all hemi joint
Electric power steering with a UMP ram
Momo Wheel

- Trick hubs all round
- 4x2 front arms all over size (john Towers built beam & arms) Chrome moly
- CNC peddles
- CNC turning brake
- ENDURO PRO intercom with push to talk
- Twin air blower
- High torque starter motor
- 90L tank with a 1L serge tank
- Btr beadlock (R) Centre line (F)

Spares – Cv’s, Axles, spring plates , bushes , oil cooler , rack , pedals , brakes , hubs , wheels , tires , Radiator+fan , torsion bars , side panels , gear box parts , a truck load of 4age parts ,LOTS MORE

Every thing that belongs to the car is included in this sale. DEAL OF A LIFE TIME!!!

Trailer included

100% race ready 

Chris Levi – 0414919809
Len Levi – 0407000965
Wauchope NSW 2446

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